Children's Portraits

Life's moments are a lot like magic--here one minute and gone the next.  Capture the memories and the magic of a child's innocence with the enduring beauty of a portrait.

Children's Portraits are a gift from the heart and always appreciated.  We price our portraits, books, and packages realizing you may want additional copies for friends and family.  Other items, such as 3-d cutouts, pins, and keychains, are also available.  We also have various family and children's specials throughout the year; check our website homepage for more information.

New Parents? or New addition to the family? Ask about Our Exclusive Baby Plan. Let us help you with preserving your child's precious milestones. Your baby changes so fast, don’t let this time pass you by before you can capture it professionally. The plan allows you to have a baby portrait session as often as once a month! Plus each session comes with an 8x10 portrait at no additional cost. Call us today! 

We can provide your family with a timeless portrait series of your child that will bring years of enjoyment.  Give your family a gift that will capture those special years in a child's life before it's too late.

We recognize that your child's experience at the studio will be reflected in the final portrait, so all our sessions are by appointment--no waiting in lines and no rushing through the process.  We always schedule sufficient time to allow children to become comfortable and have fun.

Examples of Our Baby Plan and Children's Portraits below-