I have done, and continue to do, work in all six of these churches. We photograph First Communion at St. Genevieve (our home parish), First Communion and Confirmation in Cathedral, Fatima, St. Anne and St. Michael. In addition, three of these churches have recently undergone full renovations overseen by Conrad Schmitt Studios. We were hired by them to photograph these churches after the completion of the renovations. St. Genevieve, St. Mary Magdalen and St. Michael the Archangel are all beautiful churches made considerably more beautiful by the talents of the artists from the Conrad Schmitt Studios. I am honored and humbled that they would entrust me to render their beautiful work to two dimensional images. As much as I love photographs, they do little to convey the beauty of these magnificent structures.

I hope you find some beauty in these renderings from my camera.

danny izzo, cpp
Lafayette, LA